100 years since some women first secured the vote, we are campaigning to make 2018 a year of victories for girls and women everywhere. It's #OurTimeNow. Will you stand with us?Read more

Making Devolution Work for Women

This project will ensure that diverse women’s voices are heard in the new English city-region devolution deals in Greater Manchester and the West Midlands, and that policy makers make decisions which will advance gender equality.Read more

Get campaigning!

Many of the issues we campaign about would have been familiar to suffrage activists of the past. Use our campaign kit to raise awareness about our shared suffrage history and gender inequality today.Read more

Joystick It To The Man

Introducing 'Joystick It To The Man', The Fawcett Society's very own video gaming and fundraising initiative. The idea is simple; get together a group of friends, and challenge yourselves to play video games for as long as you can, all while raising money for Fawcett. We have everything you need to get started. Find out more here!Read more

Savoo Search, Save and Raise

You can now show your support for The Fawcett Society when you use Savoo Search, Save and Raise as your online shopping platform. Your efforts cost you nothing because Savoo donates on your behalf. Find out more here!Read more

Video: Equal Pay Day animations - Fawcett and Golin

10 NOVEMBER 2017: This Equal Pay Day, Fawcett worked with Golin to create this series of animations highlighting key facts about the gender pay gap.Read more

Make a pledge this Equal Pay Day 2017

Whether you are a policymaker, employer or individual, make a pledge to close the gender pay gap with Fawcett this Equal Pay Day 2017.Read more

Challenge yourself

Fawcett has guaranteed spots at challenge events throughout the year. Check out our current opportunities to get involved with Team Fawcett, and the benefits of challenging yourself with us.Read more

Do your own fundraising

There's lots you can do to raise money for Fawcett. Whether it's hosting a bake sale, organising a pub quiz or challenging yourself to a 24-hour gaming marathon, we can support you every step of the way. Find out more here!Read more

Equal Pay Day 2017 Briefing

26 OCTOBER 2017Read more

Video: Sam Smethers on the future of equality and human rights

24 OCTOBER 2017: Sam Smethers speaks to the Equality and Human Rights Commission about the advances of human rights legislation in the past decade, and challenges ahead.Read more

Cornwall group

One of our newest groups, Fawcett Cornwall already have exciting plans for the coming months - now's a great time to be involved. Find out more here!Read more

Barriers for women standing in Parliament - Westminster Hall debate briefing

13 SEPTEMBER 2017: This briefing has been produced to inform the Westminster Hall debate initiated by Mims Davies MP on the motion ‘That this House has considered barriers for women in standing for Parliament’.Read more

Fawcett’s position on gender identity

Fawcett recognises the lived experiences of trans people, see feminism as inclusive, and therefore will work towards equality for women in a way in which is consistent with this.Read more

Sex Discrimination Law Review

How do we make equality law in the UK fit for the 21st century? Create a fairer and more equal society by supporting our Law Review.Read more

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2nd Reading Briefing

1 SEPTEMBER 2017: A call to action to defend women's rights in the face of BrexitRead more


With Brexit on the horizon, we are campaigning to ensure women's rights don't get left off the political agenda. Stand with us today.Read more

Fawcett Fast Forward Network

We are launching an exclusive Network of workplaces who will work with us to lead the way on promoting gender equality in the workplace. Join us today.Read more

Infographics: #Resist

29 JULY 2017: We launched this social media campaign to coincide with the airing of the final episode of The Handmaid's Tale in the UK. It highlighted injustices and issues including female genital mutilation, forced marriage, and abortion laws in Northern Ireland.Read more

Local and Equal

Local government plays an important role in all our lives. Join our campaign to ensure it really works for women.Read more

Close the gender pay gap

Did you know it will take 100 years to close the gender pay gap at current rates? We cannot afford to keep going backwards.Read more

What we've achieved

Not only does The Fawcett Society keep women on the policy agenda, but we also affect real change. Read about our major achievements for women's rights here.Read more

Equal Pay Day

The gender pay gap is persisting, but so must we. Will you join the fight to close the gap for good?Read more

Defend women’s rights post-Brexit

How might Brexit erode hard-earned rights, and what are we doing to defend them? Get informed here.Read more