Spirit of Women and Project Brave: Leadership and courage in 50 young women across the north-east of England

19 FEBRUARY 2018: Fearless Futures writes about Project Brave, a programme that supports young women to understand and challenge the root causes of inequalityRead more

Spirit of Women: Finding out what feminism means to me

16 FEBRUARY 2018: 22 year old Emily West reflects on Blueprint 22's Safe and Sound project, which aims to raise awareness about feminism and challenge objectification.Read more

Our maritime sector is missing out on the skills and talents of outstanding women

15 FEBRUARY 2018: Gender inequality in the shipping industry is rife, with a 45% gender pay gap and a shocking 50% of female seafarers saying sexual harassment on board ships is “an issue”, writes Rachel Morgan from Spinnaker Global.Read more

“Deeds not Words” – one hundred years on the song remains the same

14 FEBRUARY 2018: Let's raise a toast to every woman who fought so valiantly for equality, and push harder for the inclusion of everyone in the Northern Powerhouse conversation, says Fran PerryRead more

Women across the world are demanding change - the time for action is now!

12 FEBRUARY 2018: Around the globe men are generally the ones making and implementing laws, while it is women and girls who predominately suffer the consequences, writes Equality Now's Jacqui Hunt.Read more

The law is clear - but equal pay is far from won

7 FEBRUARY 2018: The truth is that if a woman is doing a job it is valued less, because we value her less. That is what sexism is all about.Read more

The fight for gender equality goes on

06 FEBRUARY 2018: With the anniversary of some women getting the vote this week, let’s not wait another 100 years for gender equality.Read more

The Penguin Women Writers series: Capturing the spirit of women who fought to make their voice heard

31 JANUARY 2018: Assistant Editor Isabel Wall writes about the new Penguin Women's Writer series, which celebrates bold feminist voices across nationalities and political beliefs.Read more

We Have To Start Calling Out Misogyny For What It Is: A Hate Crime

23 JANUARY 2018: It is time for stronger sex equality legislation to protect women, writes Sam Smethers.Read more

Females on the Frontline: Have We Progressed from Antiquity At All?

18 JANUARY 2018: If 2018 is to be the “Year of the Woman”, let us allow narratives of the female warrior neither to suppress her femaleness nor to dilute her achievements as a soldier, writes PhD candidate Rebecca Lees.Read more

Fat Cat Thursday: Women are being undervalued all the way to the top

4 JANUARY 2018: Fat Cat Thursday is also a story about the gender pay gap as so few of the highest earners are women, writes Sam Smethers.Read more

#16DaysofActivism: It's time to send out a strong message - forced marriage is a criminal offence

10 DECEMBER 2017: Fawcett's Avril Gillan speaks to Jasvinder Sanghera, a survivor of a forced marriage and the founder of Karma Nirvana, on why her campaigning is critical.Read more

#16DaysofActivism: Beyond ‘resilience’ - black women and mental health

9 DECEMBER 2017: Rarely do we talk about the countless women of colour who are surviving day to day life with the added challenge of psychological distress, writes Samara LintonRead more

Sexism, the status quo and young women's survival tactics

8 DECEMBER 2017: For vulnerable young women, proximity to males or maleness seem to equal either respect or safety, writes Naima Sakande from Leap Confronting Conflict.Read more

#16DaysofActivism: Uncovering the hidden practice of Breast Ironing in the UK

7 DECEMBER 2017: It is time for Breast Ironing to be given the same attention and statutory status as FGM in the UK, says Came Women and Girls Development Organisation.Read more

#16DaysofActivism: it’s time to start taking ‘Cyber VAWG’ seriously

6 DECEMBER 2017: Dr. Marsha Scott, Chief Executive of Scottish Women’s Aid, discusses the new law in Scotland to tackle image based abuse.Read more

My Big Beating Voice: Celebrating & empowering ethnic minority women through our suffrage history

5 DECEMBER 2017: My Big Beating Voice is a partnership project between Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre and Amina – Muslim Women’s Resource Centre. It is funded by The Fawcett Society and Spirit of 2012’s Spirit of Women Changemakers grants programme.Read more

#16DaysofActivism: How do you make a film about ‘invisible women’ in immigration detention?

28 NOVEMBER 2017: Detention is a practice that harms everyone but when examined in relation to gender, it seems senselessly malicious, writes filmmaker Jade Jackman.Read more

#16DaysofActivism: Austerity policies are a barrier to BME women leaving violent relationships

27 NOVEMBER 2017: Austerity has impacted black and minority ethnic women dramatically, writes The Runnymede Trust's Kim McIntosh.Read more

Black History Month: Diversity and the British female Suffrage movement

30 OCTOBER 2017: The fight for the female vote was not solely a British, or a ‘white’ concern, writes historian Sumita Mukherjee.Read more

Gender pay gap groundhog day: Why we must keeping fighting to close the gap

27 OCTOBER 2017: Sam Smethers digs beneath the headline gender pay gap averages to explain some further worrying numbers.Read more

#MeToo: Bringing victims of sexual assault into the spotlight won’t stop rape. Bringing justice to perpetrators will.

20 OCTOBER 2017: Journalist Gemma McSherry reflects on the recent #MeToo trend, and why we must not allow the media narrative to continue bringing only the victims of sexual assault into the spotlight.Read more

Black History Month: The Afro-Caribbean women who changed Britain's food map

19 OCTOBER 2017: Food history writer Riaz Phillips honours the Afro-Caribbean women who have paved the way for Britain's Caribbean food industry.Read more

Black History Month: Mary Seacole, indomitable woman traveller and nursing pioneer

5 OCTOBER 2017: Historian Jane Robinson describes the life and times of Mary Seacole, a visionary who exploded almost every preconception and prejudice the Victorians held dear.Read more