We’re delighted to have a growing number of active and effective local women’s rights meet ups, who work in the local community to enforce change and campaign on our behalf. Their work is invaluable to Fawcett.

Don't see a local group in your area? Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out more about setting up your own!

1. Lincoln Fawectt Group

Find out more about Lincoln Fawcett here!Read more

2. Cumbria Group

Find out more about Cumbria Fawcett here!Read more

3. East Midlands Group

Find out more about East Midlands Fawcett here!Read more

4. Bristol Fawcett

Find out more about Bristol Fawcett here!Read more

5. Stevenage & North Herts Fawcett

Stevenage & North Herts Fawcett was established in October 2018, and is set to make a big impact in the local area. Find out more here!Read more

6. West Midlands Group

Launching in September 2018 Fawcett West Midlands is our newest group, providing an exciting opportunity for women from in and around the West Midlands to come together and campaign on local, regional and national issues.Read more

7. Plymouth Group

Read more

8. Tyneside Group

Formed in July 2018, Fawcett Tyneside presents an exciting opportunity for local women to come together and campaign for changes in policy, behaviour and communities that will be better for us all. Read more!Read more

9. Merseyside Group

Launched on International Women's Day 2018 Fawcett Merseyside are excited to be campaigning for #MoreSuffrageHistory and to #EndPeriodPoverty.Read more

10. Cornwall group

One of our newest groups, Fawcett Cornwall already have exciting plans for the coming months - now's a great time to be involved. Find out more here!Read more

11. Milton Keynes group

Our Milton Keynes Group began meeting in 2014, and has largely focused on the engagement of women in local politics, with some of their work directly feeding in to Fawcett reports. Find out more!Read more

12. East London group

Our East London group has recently reactivated. With lots of exciting plans in the coming months and years, now is a great time to join one of Fawcett’s fastest growing groups.Read more

13. Leicestershire group

Our Leicestershire group are well known in their area. Find out more about how you can get involved in one of Fawcett's most vibrant groups!Read more

14. Oxford group

Read more

15. South London group

Our South London Group is one of Fawcett’s longest standing local groups, and has been involved Fawcett’s national campaigning work for many years. Find out more!Read more

16. Wakefield group

Wakefield remain as engaged and committed as ever, and are always welcoming of new members. Find out more about our Wakefield group here!Read more

17. Suffolk group

A small but committed group, Suffolk shows us that even the underdogs can pack a punch!Read more

18. Devon Group

Fawcett Devon was formed in 2009. Since then its members have worked on gender equality issues with a range of local authorities and voluntary sector groups in their community, and are still as active as ever. Find out more!Read more

19. North London group

Find out more about our North London group here!Read more