Fawcett is a company limited by guarantee and a registered Charity. It is funded mainly by our members and also by grants from trusts given to fund specific projects. The remainder of the money comes from individual donations, fundraising and our shop.

As a membership organisation, the majority of the trustees are elected by members. Our board members comprise active, experienced professionals who bring hands on expertise and considerable commitment.

It is with thanks to all the trusts and foundations that have made generous grants to the Fawcett Society that we are able to continue our campaigns for gender equality. 

We also thank our individual members and supporters for their kind donations towards Fawcett’s work, making a real difference to the success of our campaigns, without whom our work would not be possible.

Fawcett currently receives grants to cover our costs from:


The Fawcett Society is governed by a Board of Trustees, who take ultimate responsibility for the work of the organisation. The majority of our Trustees are elected by and from our membership and others are co-opted where specific skills and expertise are needed to assure sound governance. You can read more about our trustees on the Our people page.

Our accounts

For information about our Annual Reports and Accounts, please visit our About us page.