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100 years ago, Millicent Fawcett and countless others knew that change must start with challenging attitudes. They secured the right to vote for the first women - and to celebrate their legacy, we're launching our Future Fawcett outreach programme. We're going to schools across the country to teach young people about their suffrage history, and empower them to fight the discrimination and inequality in their lives. 

Women and girls across the UK and the world are demanding change. We all stand united in our vision for a future free of sexual harassment and misogyny, free of violence and sexism at work, school and home. We need to use this moment to build our movement. Donate today to Future Fawcett to make it happen.

Fawcett outreach worker Doris Amankwaah

In December the Mayor of London joined Fawcett for a workshop about our suffrage history and driving forward gender equality, at Platanos College in South London. The session marked the launch of #BehindEveryGreatCity, a year-long campaign led by Sadiq Khan to celebrate 100 years since women secured the vote.

Video credit: London Live

The students had an incredible time learning about women's lives 100 years ago, the rights they have gained since - and how far we still have to go to achieve gender equality. Thank you  to all our supporters for making this, and all our outreach work so far, possible.

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Do you want to educate young people about their suffrage history? Are you looking for a speaker for your school or university? Or would you like to volunteer to be one of our suffrage workshop facilitators?

We offer fun and interactive workshops in schools, colleges and universities, discussing the history of women’s suffrage and its relevance for the lives of young women today. Workshops are run by a trained youth worker or trained volunteers.

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