Black History Month: Diversity and the British female Suffrage movement

30 OCTOBER 2017: The fight for the female vote was not solely a British, or a ‘white’ concern, writes historian Sumita Mukherjee.Read more

Gender pay gap groundhog day: Why we must keeping fighting to close the gap

27 OCTOBER 2017: Sam Smethers digs beneath the headline gender pay gap averages to explain some further worrying numbers.Read more

#MeToo: Bringing victims of sexual assault into the spotlight won’t stop rape. Bringing justice to perpetrators will.

20 OCTOBER 2017: Journalist Gemma McSherry reflects on the recent #MeToo trend, and why we must not allow the media narrative to continue bringing only the victims of sexual assault into the spotlight.Read more

Black History Month: The Afro-Caribbean women who changed Britain's food map

19 OCTOBER 2017: Food history writer Riaz Phillips honours the Afro-Caribbean women who have paved the way for Britain's Caribbean food industry.Read more

Black History Month: Mary Seacole, indomitable woman traveller and nursing pioneer

5 OCTOBER 2017: Historian Jane Robinson describes the life and times of Mary Seacole, a visionary who exploded almost every preconception and prejudice the Victorians held dear.Read more

Black History Month: The power of Olive Morris

2 OCTOBER 2017: Historical researcher Dr Angelina Osborne recounts discovering the extraordinary life events of Black feminist Olive Morris.Read more

Pregnancy discrimination is a living nightmare. Stand up to it this Hallowe’en

18 SEPTEMBER 2017: Pregnant Then Screwed are organising a major demonstration for better protections for working mums. Founder Joeli Brearley explains the issues at stake.Read more

Spirit of Women: Exploring themes of gendered perception within caring roles

1 SEPTEMBER 2017: Claire Cochrane from Stills Centre of Photography in Edinburgh, shares the creative outcomes of their latest project with the Edinburgh Art Festival.Read more

Why is Twitter still failing women?

22 AUGUST 2017: Twitter must play its part in defending online spaces from hate speech, writes Fawcett Chief Executive Sam Smethers.Read more

Tackling sexism in local councils - one campaigner tells her story

21 AUGUST 2017: Fawcett Society member Caroline Gillett recounts her experience of campaigning for women's rights in her hometown of Gosport, Portsmouth, following Fawcett's Local Government Commission report.Read more

Spirit of Women: Inspiring girls through the power of basketball

1 AUGUST 2017: The Runnymede Trust Basketball Inspiration Programme is a funded project from The Spirit of Women Changemakers Grants Programme. Founder Michelle Moore explains how the power of sports role models is impacting hundreds of young women.Read more

The battle for abortion rights for Northern Irish women isn't over

30 JULY 2017: The disparity in the fundamental human rights granted to women in Northern Ireland, compared to those paying the same tax just a 40 minute flight away is grossly unjust, writes journalist Gemma McSherry.Read more

Does Local Government Work for Women?

14 JULY 2017: Our local councils spend £94 billion of our money. In many town halls, what we have today can only be described as an out-dated culture which is holding local government back.Read more

Eradicating the novelty and questioning of women in the electronic music industry

30 JUNE 2017: Sarah Fewtrell is co-founder of New Scenery, a collective tackling sexism in the electronic music industry while fundraising for women's rights issues.Read more

How the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme inspired and changed me

16 JUNE 2017: A year on since the MP Jo Cox was murdered, Amy Fowler writes about how the Leadership Programme for Women named in Jo's honour changed her life.Read more

Abortion Rights And Wrongs: Women’s Rights Must Not Be Used As A Bargaining Chip With The DUP

14 JUNE 2017: Chief Executive Sam Smethers on why the UK Government's imminent deal with the Democratic Unionist Party is cause for concern for all women's rights campaigners.Read more

We have more women in Westminster than ever - but progress is still far too slow

09 JUNE 2017: Fawcett Society Chief Executive reflects on the results of the 2017 General Elections and what it means for women's representation.Read more

English devolution – where are the women?

6 JUNE 2017: Gill Morris asks why women are still underrepresented in Parliament in the wake of the Metro Mayoral elections. Sam Smethers, Donna Hall, Tabitha Morton and Eve Holt provide some answers.Read more

Why is The Handmaid’s Tale so powerful and terrible? Because it is not unreal

27 MAY 2017: Sam Smethers from The Fawcett Society explains why Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale is not so far removed from the world we live in today.Read more

The stigma and loneliness of being a young mother

19 MAY 2017: Almost half of young mothers aged under 25 regularly miss meals to provide for their children, writes Young Women's Trust Research Manager Emma McKay.Read more

N. Yorkshire Police become second UK force to recognise misogyny as hate crime

11 MAY 2017: North Yorkshire Police are the second force in the UK to make misogyny a hate crime. Deputy Chief Constable Lisa Winward explains why.Read more

Pregnant women are taking desperate measures in the face of N. Ireland’s abortion ban

3 MAY 2017: Women face enormous challenges in Northern Ireland when trying to access the same reproductive healthcare that the rest of us take for granted, writes filmmaker Hattie Ladd.Read more

Why do women so rarely make it in the financial sector?

13 APRIL 2017: Author and journalist Iona Blain gives her insight on the lack of women in the financial sector, and how we should go about resolving it.Read more

Women have always been part of the space race. We need to tell their stories.

12 APRIL 2017: Of the 533 people who've travelled into space since Gagarin’s first mission, around 10% of these have been women and 1.5% have been women of colour.Read more