Are you a feminist employer?

Feminism can be seen as something intangible for employers – how can an employer demonstrate that they are feminist when many struggle with their representation? The starkness of the gender pay gap and the often-poor representation of women on boards can mean employers can’t take action quick enough. In a year where women are more likely to have taken furlough, have lost work or hours due to the coronavirus pandemic and are more worried about the implications of the pandemic on their career, employers may be struggling to see what they can do to support equality in their workplaces.

Feminism in the workplace needs to go beyond sharing a tweet on International Women’s Day and making a general commitment to equality. That commitment needs to come with an action plan.

The aim of the Fawcett Society is to highlight areas where we might be falling short in the fight for equality as well as to create action plans to address these gaps. Our campaign for equal pay isnot simply so that we could highlight the problems of pay discrimination and the gender pay gap, but to also empower employers to thank about practical solutions and actions they can take. Because only then will we start to see real change. Our research into sexual harassment in the workplace is aimed at creating solutions to the problem – finding ways employers can better tackle sexual harassment in the workplace and ensure it doesn’t happen – so that work can be safe for everyone.

And during the coronavirus pandemic we’ve been calling for the response and recovery to consider the needs of women during this crisis, including an urgent bailout of the childcare sector – because we know a healthy childcare sector is both a vital employer of women and enables women to participate in the workforce. Fawcett’s work is about creating change in the fight for equality; that means supporting employers and businesses who want to foster inclusive workplaces that enable women to thrive.

The corporate membership bundle – a membership that employers can buy on behalf of their workforce – allows businesses support their employees’ engagement with the Fawcett Society and to support our campaign for equality. It demonstrates a commitment to equality that goes beyond a simple pledge.

By purchasing corporate membership, you’re connecting your employees to a network of feminists. They can hear from others, share their ideas and participate in the fight for equality. They’ll receive engaging newsletters and updates on a regular basis and invitations to hear from prominent women leaders, vote in our AGM and shape our policy agenda. And you are supporting our hard-hitting research and campaigns and demonstrating your commitment to putting women and girls at the forefront.

Become a feminist employer and take action to make a change.