“Technology can help change the world for the better” #ShakeUpSTEM

Lola Ola, Technology Analyst and Social Entrepreneur on her journey in to the tech industry.Read more

“The future of STEM is filled with women who look like me” - #ShakeUpSTEM

Fawcett's #ShakeUpSTEM guest series showcases women making a splash in STEM in celebration of the UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science.Read more

Vinita Marwaha Madill: "You Can't Be What You Can't See" #ShakeUpSTEM

"You Can't Be What You Can't See" says Space Operations Engineer Vinita Marwaha MadillRead more

Diversity Makes Business Sense, says co-founder of Stemettes Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE

Diversity Makes Business Sense, says co-founder of Stemettes Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBERead more

When is a hate crime not a hate crime? When it’s targeted at women, apparently

14 JANUARY 2019: We want the rest of the country to follow Nottinghamshire’s lead and make misogyny a hate crime.Read more

Fat Cat Friday shows how little is being done to close the gender pay gap

4 JANUARY 2019: If 2018 was the year the #MeToo movement disrupted our workplaces, 2019 has to be the year we respond with action to change workplace culture for good.Read more

On the eve of Equal Pay Day, turn to your colleagues and ask them how much they earn

9 NOVEMBER 2018: Women have the right to be paid equally if they are doing the same job or work of equal value. But of course, if you don’t know what your male colleagues are earning, how can you possibly challenge it?Read more

Non-disclosure agreements – a license to harass with impunity?

24 OCTOBER 2018: An NDA is a symptom of a bigger problem – the balance of power in the workplace and the culture of cover-up, says Fawcett Chief Executive Sam Smethers.Read more

Fanny Eaton: The forgotten Pre-Raphaelite Muse

19 October 2018: Fanny Eaton was the Pre-Raphaelite muse that history forgotRead more

Adelaide Hall: The woman who lived to 92 but 'never grew old'

18 October 2018: Adelaide Hall was a jazz singer who made her mark on the British entertainment industry.Read more

Seaman 'William Brown': the first black woman in the Royal Navy

15 OCTOBER 2018: ‘William Brown’ was a Black woman who joined the Royal Navy under a man’s name in the early nineteenth century.Read more

Jessica Huntley - radical publisher

12 OCT 2018: Jessica Huntley was the founder of Bogle-L 'Ouverture Publications, the 60s radical book companyRead more

Why Lubaina Himid is my favourite artist

8 OCTOBER 2018: Lubaina Himid is an artist, academic and the only black woman winner of the Turner PrizeRead more

Lilian Bader: The first Black woman to join the RAF

5 OCTOBER 2018: Throughout her life, Lilian Bader overcame discrimination and racism to become one of the first Black Women to join the Royal Air Force.Read more

New series highlights the impact of the pre-Windrush black people who shaped Britain

04 OCTOBER 2018: New Instagram series by Author and Editor Varaidzo highlights "that black peoples influence in Britain did not begin and end with Windrush".Read more

Una Marson: Poet, Playwright, Pioneer

01 OCT 2018: Una Maud Victoria Marson was a poet, playwright and campaigner for equality as well as the first black woman programme maker at the BBC.Read more

National Democracy Week: For women and girls to change the world, we need to support them into politics

6 JULY 2018: Maddie, a Girlguiding advocate, writes about the importance of young women using their voice for change and gaining equal representation in politics.Read more

National Democracy Week: Survivors of domestic abuse must not have their Right To Vote taken away

5 JULY 2018: Mehala Osborne, survivor and campaigner, reflects on why she launched her Right to Vote campaign and the momentous changes it has brought about for survivors of domestic abuse and their right to vote.Read more

National Democracy Week: Women’s Hidden Homelessness

3 JULY 2018: Margaret Williams, Homelessness Project Manager at East London Housing Partnership, writes about why women's homelessness is underreported and frequently linked to experience of abuse.Read more

90 years after Equal Franchise, suffrage campaigners are inspiring refugee women

2 JULY 2018: Marchu Girma from Women for Refugee Women, writes how it is time to call for safety, dignity and liberty for all women who go unheard, including refugee women.Read more

It's time to challenge our addiction to traditional work place norms

20 JUNE 2018: There are many hurdles to overcome when taking shared parental leave, writes one father. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed.Read more

To any new dads wondering if leave is right for him - the answer must be yes

19 JUNE 2018: One full-time dad shares his account of taking leave and feelings of isolation that sometimes come with navigating the new baby world.Read more

Father's Day in 2018? We still haven't made it out of the 1950's

16 JUNE 2018: The Government's attitude to fathers in the workplace reveals they are still wearing their 1950's spectacles, writes Fawcett Chief Executive Sam Smethers.Read more

UK Equality Act is not fit for purpose: It's time for the law to recognise multiple discrimination

5 JUNE 18: Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu on why we need a radical rethink of how multiple discrimination of protected characteristics experienced by women are treated under the law.Read more