How can Britain claim to be progressive when we continue to detain vulnerable women?

30 MARCH 2018: One would be hard-pressed to disagree with the right to basic human dignity that the women of Yarl’s Wood are fighting for, writes journalist Gemma McSherryRead more

#OurTimeNow: The Ongoing Struggle for Reproductive Justice in South Africa

28 MARCH 2018: Dr. Susanne M. Klausen, Senior Research Associate in the Faculty of Humanities, University of Johannesburg, and Professor of History at Carleton University, Ottawa, writes about the ongoing struggle for reproductive justice in South AfricaRead more

#OurTimeNow: Indian Suffrage Campaigners and how women won the vote in India

27 MARCH 2018: Historian Sumita Mukherjee highlights how the demand for the vote in India was curtailed by the realities of imperialism - and the women who fought to gain suffrage.Read more

#OurTimeNow: The Fiji Women's Rights Movement

22 MARCH 2018: Maryann Lockington, the Communications Officer at the Fiji Women's Rights Movement, writes about the intergeneration women's rights movement that inspire the FWRM to train the future female Fijian leaders.Read more

#OurTimeNow: The Women Now

21 MARCH 2018: Tahani al-Ahamd, who trained in journalism at the Women Now Center in Sarakib, writes about the new women of Syria and her training as a journalist.Read more

#OurTimeNow: It's Time To Take Action On Domestic Violence In New Zealand

20 MARCH 2018: Avril Gillan, a volunteer Policy and Communications Assistant at the Fawcett Society, writes about domestic violence in New Zealand and why it's time for serious action to be taken.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Remembering Constance Markievic

19 MARCH: Professor Senia Paseta, Professor of Modern History and co-Director of Women in the Humanities at St Hugh's College, writes about Constance Markievic - the first women to be elected to the House of Commons.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Seven Suffrage Lessons for Modern Feminists in America and beyond

15 MARCH 2018: Allison K. Lange an assistant professor at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, writes about the seven suffrage lessons modern feminists can learn from the suffragettes who fought for women's right to vote in the United States.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Pacific feminists creating new spaces to talk and to be heard

14 MARCH 2018: Feminist Activist and PhD candidate Jane Alver writes about the pacific feminists who are mobilising in the face of resistance to their claims for rights and recognition at the national, regional and global levels.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Celebrating The Suffragette Spirit And The Incredible Women Still Fighting For Our Rights Today

13 MARCH 2018: Chiara Capraro, Women's Human Rights Programme Manager at Amnesty International UK, writes about the inequalities that women are still facing across the globe and the work of Amnesty International in supporting women human rights defenders.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Extraordinary Activists Who Are Supporting Refugee Women

12 MARCH 18: Amelia Cooper from Help Refugees writes about the organisations around the world who are supporting women who are refugees to access the vital services they need to participate in everyday life.Read more

#OurTimeNow: In Kenya, we are listening to girls and women to end violence against them

9 MARCH 2018: Faiza Jama Mohamed, Africa Director at Equality Now, writes about their '25 Conversations in 25 Schools in Africa' programme as part of our #OurTimeNow campaign.Read more

Teaching 'Herstory': The Sheroes of International Women's Day

7 MARCH 2018: History and politics teacher, Lisa Buttar, highlights the stories of women in history and across the world for International Women's Day.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Fati's goal to achieve gender equality in Ghana through football

7 MARCH 18: Fati is a student at Right to Dream in Ghana, the first residential, elite football and educational academy in Africa to run a girl’s programme. Read her story here.Read more

#OurTimeNow: The Importance of Mobilizing Chinese Students to Join Feminist Movements Overseas

6 MARCH 2018: Chinese activist Li Maizi writes about how she is mobilising Chinese women overseas to tackle gender inequality. A blog as part of our #OurTimeNow series.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Improving Women’s Lives in Rwanda through Education

5 MARCH 2018: Rwanda is one of only two countries in the world to achieve equal representation, yet women are still being held back, writes researcher and professor Pamela Abbott.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Race fault-lines and women's suffrage in Australia

2 MARCH 2018: Australian women received the vote in 1902, but all Australian women did not get the vote until the 1960s, explains historian and Research Fellow Jad Adams.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Aboriginal Australian families like mine are demanding justice over deaths in custody

2 MARCH 2018: Aboriginal Australian Jody Pitt writes about her experiences of campaigning for justice after the death of her brother, Tane Chatfield, in custody. Part of our ongoing #OurTimeNow series on women's issues around the world.Read more

#OurTimeNow: Women in Iran didn't create a revolution to go back in time

1 MARCH 2018: We kick off our #OurTimeNow blog series about women's rights around the world with a look at the history of women's activism in Iran, by writer and journalist Roya Hakakian.Read more

Teaching ‘Herstory’: Women in history have remarkable stories to tell. Why are they so often stereotyped or consigned to be victims?

26 FEBRUARY: Whose voice are we hearing and whose version of womanhood are we teaching? There is much to learn from Herstory about the resilience of women, says History and Politics teacher Lisa Buttar.Read more

Spirit of Women and Project Brave: Leadership and courage in 50 young women across the north-east of England

19 FEBRUARY 2018: Fearless Futures writes about Project Brave, a programme that supports young women to understand and challenge the root causes of inequalityRead more

Spirit of Women: Finding out what feminism means to me

16 FEBRUARY 2018: 22 year old Emily West reflects on Blueprint 22's Safe and Sound project, which aims to raise awareness about feminism and challenge objectification.Read more

Our maritime sector is missing out on the skills and talents of outstanding women

15 FEBRUARY 2018: Gender inequality in the shipping industry is rife, with a 45% gender pay gap and a shocking 50% of female seafarers saying sexual harassment on board ships is “an issue”, writes Rachel Morgan from Spinnaker Global.Read more

“Deeds not Words” – one hundred years on the song remains the same

14 FEBRUARY 2018: Let's raise a toast to every woman who fought so valiantly for equality, and push harder for the inclusion of everyone in the Northern Powerhouse conversation, says Fran PerryRead more