Menopause and the Workplace 

Workplaces are failing menopausal women, change is urgently needed. 

Our report, Menopause and the Workplace, sponsored by construction firm Wates Group, delves into women’s experiences at work and is the largest representative survey of menopausal women conducted in the UK.

Our key findings show: 

  • One in ten women who worked during the menopause have left a job due to their symptoms.
  • Eight out of ten women say their employer hasn’t shared information, trained staff, or put in place a menopause absence policy.
  • Almost half of women haven’t approached their GPs and three in ten have seen delays in diagnosis.
  • Only four in ten women were offered HRT in a timely fashion.

Read Menopause and the Workplace here

Our Calls for Change

Urgent change is needed to harness the skills, experience and talents of menopausal women, so our workplaces don't lose out. We are calling on the Government to:

  • Require employers to have menopause action plans
  • Make flexible work the default
  • Implement a public information campaign and invite every woman in to speak with her GP about menopause at an appropriate age
  • Ensure GPs receive mandatory training to help diagnose menopause earlier.

Get involved 

  • Your voice has power. Call for change and join the conversation online - you can download our Menopause and the Workplace digital toolkit here.
  • Read our previous work Menopause in the Workplace: Impact on Women in Financial Services with Standard Chartered Bank and the Financial Services Skills Commission here.

All of our reports, briefings and publications can be provided in printed form. Please email: [email protected] with your request.