Privacy Notice: Public Harms - Call for Evidence 

This page contains a guide to The Fawcett Society and Black Equity Organisation's use of personal data within the call for evidence on public harms. This call for evidence sits as part of a wider research project to understand the harms caused to women and girls, particularly Black women and girls, across public mental health, education, and policing services.

Table of Contents 

1 Legal Basis

The Fawcett Society and Black Equity Organisation will be processing any data you provide to us on the basis of your consent only.

2 Your Rights

For any personal data you share with as part of this project, you have the right to:

  • Be informed about how we process your data: this privacy notice is a means to this end;
  • Withdraw your consent: we will as a result exclude all data you submitted to us as part of this survey from the research project. 
  • Access the data we hold about you: we will provide any data you submitted to us, and any personal data we derive about you, within 30 days;
  • Have incorrect or out of date data about you corrected: before completion of the project we will correct any personal data;
  • Have your personal data deleted upon request: if you withdraw your consent we will delete all personal data you provided to us (though we may use data that is already publicly available as part of this research);
  • Lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office if you feel we have broken any of your rights (you can do so at;

Please note that these rights do not apply to anonymous information from which you are not identifiable, as that does not meet the definition of ‘personal data’. If you would like the option to access, withdraw, or correct your data after you have submitted it, please provide identifiable details (such as an email address) alongside your submission.

We will halt processing of your personal data whilst we are working to resolve any queries related to the above rights. This is your right to restrict processing of your personal data.


3 Who We Work With & How We Store Your Data

We use Google Sheets, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to store data associated with this project. Passwords for accessing the data will be strong and managed through a password manager.

Only individuals directly working on this project will have access to this data in unencrypted form.

Some of the data may be stored, in encrypted form, on encrypted computers for limited periods of time, whilst our contractors are working with that data.

None of the data that is part of this project will be passed on to other third parties.

4 Data Retention

We retain your personal data as long as is necessary to complete this specific research project. We will publish anonymous, aggregated results in the finished reports.

We will, within one year after the project is completed delete all original personal data.

5 Extra Consent for Publishing De-Anonymised Data

We may wish to publish identifiable data about you as a participant, but will only do so after having obtained your specific consent for this. You have a right to refuse that consent.

6 Communications

We will only contact you either because you have given us explicit consent to do so, or because contacting you is necessary for the purposes of this call for evidence or to safeguard your rights.

7 Using Your Rights & Contacting Us

If you have any queries about this statement, or if you would like to discuss any of the personal data you have provided us with, please contact us by email at: [email protected]

Alternatively you can write to us at:

Public Harms project
c/o Lizzie Ville
The Fawcett Society
2.E.11 Rich Mix,
35-47 Bethnal Green Road,

E1 6LA