28th February 2024

Politics should be about policy based on facts, not misogyny, discrimination or division.

Today, the Fawcett Society and the APPG on Women in Parliament (of which Fawcett is secretariat) are asking candidates to pledge to a zero-tolerance approach to misogyny and racist misogyny at the upcoming election. 

Women parliamentarians across the world are all too familiar with receiving misogynistic and racist abuse in their inboxes, on social media, in the press, and even outside their homes. With at least 64 countries due to hold national elections and approximating 2 billion voters heading to the polls, 2024 is a 'super election year' and it's never been more important to root out the misogyny that holds women back from full and equal participation in our democracy. 

Read the pledge below. Let's make this the year that we call time on misogyny in political life.

If you're an MP taking up the call, contact Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer Zainab Asunramu for more information on [email protected]

At this General Election I will:

Take a zero-tolerance approach to misogyny, including racist misogyny and any other forms of hate and discrimination in my campaigning and conduct. 

The Call to Action:

We ask all candidates to:

  • Endorse the recommendations of the Jo Cox Civility Commission Report
  • Sign up to Centenary Action's Women Count pledge to support actions that will deliver a gender equal parliament by 2028 
  • Urge the Electoral Commission to include specific section on misogynistic or discriminatory language and/or behaviour in the code of conduct for campaigners and indicate where the police might intervene in certain circumstances
  • Call on the Electoral Commission to make a public statement that homes are not a campaign destination
  • Call on all social media platforms to take immediate action on any reported hateful and/or misogynistic content and any mal, mis and disinformation, and ensure swift and effective removal of this content

Women cannot be ignored at the general election.