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I identify as a trans woman. Am I able to submit my experience?

We welcome responses from anyone who identifies as a woman. 

Am I able to submit my experience as an audio or video file?

Absolutely! We encourage you to submit your experience in whatever format you feel most comfortable in, including written, audio and video. There is an option in the form to send us a link with your file.

Is there an option to have an interview instead of submitting it online?

Unfortunately we do not have capacity at the moment to conduct interviews with participants. We encourage you to submit your responses online using the form.

I want to submit an audio or video file, how long should it be?

It can be as long as you need it to be. We encourage you to share your authentic experience with us in a way that suits you – whether it is 4 minutes long, or 15 minutes long, we want to hear from you.

How long do I have to submit my response?

We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis, so we recommend submitting your response as soon as you are able to.

What will happen with the information I provide?

The information we receive will be used for us to produce a report detailing what the current landscape is for women’s experiences of public services, and recommendations of what needs to change in those systems.