Fawcett comments on Gender Pay Gap Reporting one year on: 'It's time for action plans not excuses'

4 APRIL 2019: It is disappointing, but not surprising, that there are so many employers in the UK with large pay gaps and that these pay gaps aren't being closed. The regulations are not tough enough.  It's time for action plans not excuses. Read more

Fawcett comments on gender pay gap reporting figures so far

28 MARCH 19: Most employers are leaving it until the last minute to report and it is disappointing that a significant proportion of those who have reported have got larger pay gaps. Read more

Fawcett comments on EHRC investigation into BBC pay discrimination

12 MARCH 19: Pay discrimination should have no place in modern workplaces yet we know from our Equal Pay Advice Service that it is all too common. Read more

New Fawcett report reveals how glaring gaps in equality legislation leave Parliament “above the law” on sexual harassment

26 FEBRUARY 2019: Fawcett research, released with global law firm Hogan Lovells today, reveals MPs, Peers, volunteers and staff are woefully unprotected if they are sexually harassed in Parliament. Read more

Fawcett comments on ASDA equal pay case

31 JANUARY 2019: Women are consistently undervalued in the workplace. Unless there is an objective justification for the difference in pay then it is pay discrimination. Read more

Fawcett comments on voting by proxy scheme for MPs on maternity or paternity leave

22 JANUARY: This change is long overdue and a basic requirement of a modern parliamentary democracy. Read more

Fawcett comments on EHRC review on the impact of gender pay gap reporting

17 DECEMBER 2018: Fawcett has consistently argued that publishing an action plan should be a statutory requirement. Read more

Major Victory in Equal Pay Case Against the Co-op

16 NOVEMBER 2018: A former senior Co-op Group Executive has fought and won an equal pay battle with the Co-op Group Read more

Women candidates face explicit resistance and discrimination within political parties, says new Fawcett report

2 NOVEMBER 2018: The most comprehensive study of its kind, published today by the Fawcett Society, finds that women face obstacles at every stage on the way to Parliament. Read more

Fawcett comments on damning parliamentary report on BBC Pay

25 OCTOBER 2018: This report is damning on the question of unequal pay at the BBC. The focus must now be on improving transparency, pay and recruitment practices, and correcting pay inequalities for all women. Read more

Fawcett comments on the Telegraph #MeToo story

24 OCTOBER 2018: We have to create a culture which supports and believes her rather than one which silences her. Employers must be held accountable. Read more

Millions of young women being let down in workplace, says Young Women's Trust

13 SEPTEMBER 2018: Major new report from Young Women’s Trust finds that millions of women continue to lose out in the workplace – and mental health inequalities have got worse. Read more

Fawcett supports Co-Op Executive Tribunal over Equal Pay Claim

14 AUGUST 2018: Fawcett Society stands shoulder to shoulder with Sam Walker in her fight for equal pay. Read more

Gulfs in jobs, care and transport in Greater Manchester show policy will fail without women

2 AUGUST 2018: Fawcett's new research on public services in Greater Manchester shows there are still “boy jobs” and “girl jobs” in apprenticeships, despite a below average gender pay gap. Read more

Fawcett comments on major report into sexual harassment in the workplace

25 JULY 2018: We have to move from treating this issue as a problem for the individual woman to deal with, to one that the organisation owns. Read more

Fawcett comments on EHRC largest ever review on women's rights

23 JULY 2018: This centenary year is a good time to take action on pregnancy discrimination, the gender pay gap, violence against women, and much more. Read more

Carrie Gracie donates BBC backdated pay to Fawcett Society to support women fighting for Equal Pay

29 JUNE 2018: Our first priority with this money will be to help low paid women and those who do not have access to advice fight pay inequality. Read more

Fawcett comments on Government response to report on Fathers and the Workplace

14 JUNE 2018: This is a huge missed opportunity to help families and to address one of the biggest inequalities in our society. Read more

MPs say public services and the law are failing millions of women

5 JUNE 18: The views and experiences of women of colour are largely hidden when it comes to public services and policymaking, according to a new report by Fawcett and Young Women's Trust. Read more

UK Sex and Power Index reveals men dominate in every sector

23 APRIL 18: Our new Sex and Power Index reveals that positions of power in every sector of our society are dominated by men. Read more

Gender pay gap reporting “game changer” in breaking the taboo on pay

3 APRIL 18: With the deadline for gender pay gap reporting approaching, employers now have nowhere to hide on gender pay gap. Read more

No Safety Net for UK’s Worst Paid Women

8 MARCH 2018: Millions of working women face financial insecurity, according to new research conducted by the Living Wage Foundation and the Fawcett Society. Read more

Fawcett comments on cross-party report on sexual harassment in Westminster

8 FEBRUARY 2018: We expect to see robust sanctions enforced, including the suspension or expulsion of MPs and Peers if they are found to have engaged in sexual misconduct or harassment. Read more

Fawcett comments on BBC review

30 JANUARY 2018: The Review concludes that there is no evidence of unlawful gender bias regarding pay decisions at the BBC. Read more