12 March 2019

Today the EHRC has announced an investigation into equal pay at the BBC, following complaints that female employees were not being paid equally with men.

Sam Smethers, Chief Executive at The Fawcett Society, said:

"We welcome this investigation. Pay discrimination should have no place in modern workplaces yet we know from our Equal Pay Advice Service that it is all too common.
"We urge the EHRC to consider equal value claims as well as those for equal work. We hope this results in lasting change at the BBC and acts as a warning to other employers too."
Last year, The Fawcett Society launched an Equal Pay Advice Service, started with a donation from Carrie Gracie of her backpay from the BBC. The Service is run in partnership with YESS Law, and aims to provide free legal advice for women on low incomes. Access the service here.
We have also set up an Equal Pay Fund, with donations going towards the service. Support the Equal Pay Fund now.