10 JANUARY 2020

Fawcett Society Chief Executive Sam Smethers said: 

“We are absolutely delighted for Samira who has rightly won her claim for equal pay. This is a damning judgement for the BBC.  All employers need to take note and the BBC must learn the lessons from this case and settle the remaining cases as soon as possible. It also sends a clear message to every woman out there who has the courage to challenge discrimination.  If you fight, you can win.  If you think this is happening to you, call Fawcett’s Equal Pay Advice Service.”

“Fifty years on from the Equal Pay Act women are still being routinely undervalued and being paid unequally.  Most women either don’t know what their colleagues earn or know the men are being paid more for doing the same job. We urgently need to change the law to give women the Right To Know if they are being paid unfairly.”

The latest data shows that progress to close the gender pay gap is dismally slow and at this rate it will take 60 years to eradicate it. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act women have waited long enough.

Despite the busy news cycle, pay discrimination cases of women - including BBC presenter Samira Ahmed - are making the headlines. But for every woman who goes public, there are many more still experiencing unequal pay. This November, we are going to speak out against this injustice, and we need your solidarity.

Help bring us one step closer to ending workplace discrimination once and for all - buy your pin badge to show your support for equal pay. We're going to launch a vital new campaign on Equal Pay Day - look out for further information on ways to get involved.