31 JANUARY 2019

ASDA has lost the latest stage of a long running court battle over equal pay as the Court of Appeal this morning upheld the ruling that the roles of shop floor staff and distribution centre workers can be compared. The next case hearing is due in May.

Fawcett Society Chief Executive Sam Smethers said:

“The Court of Appeal ruling is significant and opens the way for women in ASDA to finally secure equal pay. This case is another example of one group of workers (predominantly women on the shop floor) being paid less than another group of workers (men in the warehouses).

“Women are consistently undervalued in the workplace. Unless there is an objective justification for the difference in pay then it is pay discrimination.”

The Fawcett Society has long campaigned for equal pay, and recently launched an Equal Pay Advice Service with YESS Law, targetting women on low incomes without access to legal advice. This service is made possible by donations to our Equal Pay Fund which was started by a donation from Carrie Gracie. Please donate here to support this vital work.