Tomorrow BBC journalist Carrie Gracie publishes her long-awaited book Equal with Virago, detailing her battle for equal pay at the BBC - and a look at the shocking extent of pay discrimination in workplaces across the UK.
After winning backpay from the BBC, Carrie Gracie donated the whole amount to The Fawcett Society to set up an Equal Pay Advice Service with YESS Law, aimed at giving free legal advice to women on low incomes who want to find out if they are being paid unequally.

Commenting on the publication of Equal, Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society said:

“Carrie’s powerful book reminds us all that pay is about power.  The pay discrimination that women experience today, although unlawful, is a product of the inequality in our society.  This book forces us to confront that reality and both helps us and challenges us to change it.  The truth is if it can happen to Carrie Gracie, it can happen to anyone.

“Carrie donated her back pay to Fawcett to help other women experiencing pay discrimination and also to support our strategic legal work.  As a result of Carrie’s extraordinary generosity we now offer an Equal Pay Advice Service, with free legal advice provided by YESS Law to those experiencing pay discrimination. 

“But as we approach the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act we are also campaigning to transform workplace culture, change the system and strengthen the law. Because women everywhere deserve to be Equal.”

How can you take action on unequal pay?

  • Talk to your colleagues and ask what they earn – end the culture of pay secrecy working to the benefit of employers
  • Share Fawcett's campaign work - Spread the news about Fawcett’s Equal Pay Advice Service – are you or somebody you know being paid unfairly because of your sex? Apply for the Fund and we may be able help
  • Donate to the Equal Pay Fund via our GoFundMe page and help women on low incomes access legal advice and claim their rights

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