Last week the government published Gender equality at every stage: a roadmap for change. In this, the Government sets out a plan of action to tackle eight key inequalities women experience in the UK, from childhood to retirement, including women providing more unpaid care and being more likely to suffer financial instability in later life.

In the foreword, the Minister explained that “in the UK today women are, on average, more likely to enter the workforce with higher qualifications than men, but earn less per hour. They are more likely to take on unpaid work, three times as likely to be working part time and likely to save less into their private pensions.” 

You can read more about the roadmap for change here.

The Fawcett Society Chief Executive Sam Smethers commented:

“We welcome this roadmap but we must chart an ambitious course. 

That means modernising our equal pay laws and a period of longer better paid leave for dads.

It means placing a new duty on employers to prevent harassment.

It means a real living wage and affordable childcare.

It means transforming education to really challenge gender Stereotypes. 

It means safeguarding women's rights post-Brexit.

It means more women in all their diversity in positions of power.”