15 JANUARY 2016

Over two thirds support equality for women and men but most resist the feminist label.

In our Sex Equality 2016 report, we found that over two thirds of people (67%) support equality for women and men. 150 years after Millicent Fawcett first delivered the petition for women’s suffrage to parliament, the biggest ever poll of its kind, conducted by Survation, has shown that there is widespread support for feminist values in the UK.

However it seems we are a nation of ‘hidden feminists’ with only 7% of people across the UK actually describing themselves as feminist.

Unsurprisingly women are more likely to be sympathetic to feminism (74%) and to identify as feminist (9%). The poll found that men very were supportive of equality of the sexes (86% of men wanting this for women in their lives) but perhaps predictably even less of them (only 4%) would identify as feminist.

Chief Executive, Sam Smethers said:

‘At Fawcett we proudly identify as feminists and encourage others to do the same but we recognise that isn’t for everyone. The overwhelming majority of the public share our feminist values but don’t identify with the label. However the simple truth is if you want a more equal society for women and men then you are in fact a feminist.’

Read the our full press release here.