Are you an employer that wants to change your workplace culture to prevent sexual harassment? 

Our Tackling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace toolkit is a free resource. It will help employers create workplaces where women are safe to report incidents of sexual harassment and support employers to respond appropriately – creating environments where sexual harassment does not happen in the first place. 

Tackling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace toolkit: 

  • Supports employers to change workplace culture, put in place a sexual harassment policy, train employees, make it safe and easy to report and respond appropriately.
  • Is adaptable to suit organisations' needs and allows employers to listen and embed feedback from employees. 
  • Provides hard and soft tools to help employers change organisational culture and includes a range of resources, from a template policy, culture survey, internal communications posters and a guide to intersectionality. 

Download the Tackling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace toolkit 

Anti-Sexual Harassment in the Workplace training: 

Alongside our Tackling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace toolkit, we have created a workplace training programme. The Anti-Sexual Harassment in the Workplace training should should be used in conjunction with the toolkit. 

It covers the following core areas and includes presentation decks, guidance, and case studies:

  • What is sexual harassment?
  • Sexual Harassment policies
  • Building an inclusive culture

The Anti-Sexual Harassment training programme is available to download here

The Government has committed to introducing a standalone duty on employers to take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment. Our extensive review of the literature on tackling sexual harassment in the workplace identifies five pillars that need to be in place to change norms and prevent, not tolerate, sexual harassment.

This toolkit provides employers with the tools to put in place each of the following elements in their workplace:

  • Change workplace culture to prevent sexual harassment.
  • Put in place a sexual harassment policy 
  • Train employees.
  • Make it safe and easy for people to report sexual harassment. 
  • Respond appropriately to employees’ reports.

You can read our Tackling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace report by clicking this link.

Our Tackling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace project was made possible by the TIME'S UP UK Justice and Equality Fund, provided through Rosa. It is a culmination of work from Fawcett and partners, Chwarae Teg, the Women’s Resource and Development Agency, and Close the Gap.