Fawcett are working in partnership with the Runnymede Trust to deliver a project exploring the pay and progression of Women of Colour. 

Building on the Government’s Race Disparity Unit’s work and the independent McGregor-Smith Review, we are exploring in depth ways to unlock the potential of Women of Colour at work, by understanding the inequalities and intersecting barriers they experience, and the solutions they think would help to overcome them. 

The project aims to gather a clear picture of the points at which intersecting gender and ethnicity differences in pay and progression begin to set in, for different groups of women. 

We are exploring what intersecting or multiple forms of discrimination and disadvantage, mean in terms of lived experience for Women of Colour; developing a more detailed understanding of how they manifest in the workplace; and learning how Women of Colour themselves think they can be tackled. 

We will do this through 

  • Focus groups with Women of Colour from different ethnic minority backgrounds in the early and mid-stages of their career 
  • In depth interviews with Women of Colour in senior leadership positions  
  • A large survey and regional consultation events to engage a wider group of women  

We are currently recruiting for participants to take part in focus groups in July 2021. We want to hear from Women of Colour about their experiences with employment and career progression. For more information, please click here











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