14 APRIL 2016

A new ICM poll for the Fawcett Society shows that women are so far giving both the Leave and Remain campaigns an overwhelming thumbs down as they fail to resonate with female voters.  The poll finds that more than twice as many women as men remain undecided about whether the campaigns have addressed their issues.

The survey of over 2,000 people found that the Leave campaign is significantly more successful in their appeal to men with 35% agreeing that the Leave campaign has addressed issues that they are concerned about compared to just 25% for women.

Remain is performing less well with men – just 27% of men and 28% of women agree that the Remain campaign has addressed issues that they are personally concerned about. Men are significantly more likely than women to say they disagree (38% vs 24%) and women are significantly more likely to answer ‘don’t know’ with 23% for women and just 10% for men.

Read the full press release here.