How we can build back fairer after the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed how deep-rooted gender inequality is within our society.

The pandemic has entrenched and expanded pre-pandemic inequalities. Our research shows that the uneven impact of school closures, shutdown industries, furlough, and flexible working arrangements are marked between mothers and fathers, those on lower incomes and higher incomes, white and Black, Asian, and ethnic minority groups and those who are not disabled compared to those who are disabled.

While the lives and work of everyone has been affected by Covid-19, the jobs and livelihoods of mothers, including low-income, women of colour and disabled mothers, have been particularly adversely affected.

As restrictions lift, Fawcett has joined together with other leading feminist charities - the Women’s Budget Group, Women’s Aid, Young Women’s Trust, Imkaan, Maternity Action and WEN Wales - to look to the future and set out this vision for how the UK could build back fairer for women and girls in all our diversity and come out of the pandemic with a stronger and fairer society for all.

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