In the centenary year of the first women winning the vote, the Fawcett Society is working on a major new research project on the barriers to women's political representation and how these can be overcome. The project will explore the experiences of members of parliament as well as women beyond Westminster to offer insights into the reforms that will create a step change in women's representation.

The project will run between March and July 2018. We are excited to be working in partnership with a range of leading academics on gender and political representation including Professor Sarah Childs, Professor Rosie Campbell and Professor Yvonne Galligan.

As well as working with women and men in Parliament we will be seeking contributions from women who are engaged in party politics but who have not been elected to Parliament. This will include women who have successfully and unsuccessfully stood for selection as well as women who are involved in party politics but who have decided not to stand for election at Westminster.

For more information about the project please contact [email protected]

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