This Equal Pay Day, Fawcett worked with media company Golin to create this series of animations highlighting key facts about the gender pay gap. Find out more about our collaboration with Golin here.

In 2017, Equal Pay Day fell on November 10th, a date that has not shifted in the calendar for the past 3 years, demonstrating the lack of progress there has been in closing the pay gap. The pay gap is actually widening for some groups of women and it will now take 100 years to close it, based on the current rate of change.

The Fawcett Society has urged everyone to make  a #paygappledge to take action to close the pay gap. Government, employers and each of us can and must do something today to address this stark inequality in our workplaces and to speed up change. 

All animations created by Golin

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Read about the causes of the gender pay gap, and how we are working to close it here. You can also take action to close the gap by making a 'pay gap pledge', or supporting our work by making a donation. Visit our Equal Pay Day page to find out more.

Read our Equal Pay Day 2017 briefing here.

Our campaigning led to new gender pay gap reporting legislation, which requires organisations with over 250 employees to publish data on their gender pay gaps, including bonuses, by April 2018. We want employers to see this as an opportunity to address the productivity gap, as tackling workplace inequality could help 840,000 women into work and would allow them to reach their full potential. 

In 2016 and 2017, we hosted a series of Gender Pay Gap Reporting events with Neil Stewart Associates to help businesses drive positive change. Click here to views video clips from the event.