Fawcett Fast Forward Network is a new, exclusive network of workplaces drawn from a cross section of UK businesses and the public sector. This small group of progressive employers will work with Fawcett to take the lead on tackling gender inequality and show that a more equal workplace is better for everyone.

The Network is being developed by our Policy & Insight Team and will be driven by evidence based approaches that work to improve gender balance and getting the most out of staff in organisations.

Interested in becoming a founding member of our Network? Contact Andrew Bazeley, Policy and Insight Manager [email protected] or call 020 3598 6154 to find out more.

Why belong to the Fawcett Fast Forward Network?

There is growing evidence that promoting gender equality in the workplace will benefit our economy, and drive larger profits and better decision making.

UK employers with over 250 employees are now required to report their gender pay gaps by April 2018a law that The Fawcett Society has long campaigned for. We want employers to see this as an opportunity to maximise productivity in the workplace, and become leaders in promoting gender equality. There is growing evidence that doing so will benefit our economy, and drive larger profits and better decision making. Will you be one of the employers to speed up progress?

Key benefits of belonging to the Network include:

  • Permission to use the Fawcett Fast Forward Workplace Network annual logo to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to a gender equal workplace.
  • An introductory assessment and annual follow up with expert advisers from the Fawcett Society to better understand the causes of gender inequality within your organisation and identify routes to improving performance.
  • An organisational specific case study highlighting areas of success in tackling gender inequality to be featured on Fawcett's website, relevant publications and where appropriate in media releases.
  • Be one of a small group of workplaces to be recognised as a founder of the Network
  • The opportunity to learn and develop ideas with other workplaces, sectors and industries within the Network in a trusted environment to inform policy development.

For more information and the full list of benefits, contact Jemima Olchawski.

Ready to lead the way on gender equality? Here’s how

Read Golin and Fawcett’s reputational risk guide

Employers are understandably concerned about the reputational risks of publishing their gender pay gaps. We’ve been collaborating with global communications firm Golin to produce a short reputational risk guide for employers looking to effectively manage their internal and external communications.

Read the guide here.

Join the Fawcett Fast Forward Workplace Network today

We’re currently looking for employers to become founding members of the Network. Please contact us if you are able to meet the following requirements.

Eligibility: Your workplace must commit to going above and beyond the bare minimum on gender equality to speed up the pace of change in the organisation or the wider workplace. Those joining the network will be at different points on the journey to gender equality at work, the key is to acknowledge where more work is needed and commit to support change. All participants must sign Fawcett’s Partnership Agreement. 

To discuss the Fawcett Fast Forward Workplace Network, please contact Andrew Bazeley, Policy & Insight Manager at [email protected] or call Andrew on 020 3598 6154