Equal Power

Join our movement for Equal Power 

Equal Power is a three-year campaign led by The Fawcett Society to get more women in all of our diversity into politics at every level.

We're running FREE online training for women on getting into politics and using your voice online. You don't need any existing knowledge or experience. You can sign up here for several different sessions or just one, whatever works for you.

Take part to be inspired and gain the skills and knowledge to get more politically active. We welcome women from across the political parties. 

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More about the campaign

Existing inequalities mean that women are going to be disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Yet women have largely been invisible from the UK governments crisis decision making table. 

Only 34% of MPs and just 35% of local councillors in England and Wales are women. A coalition of women's and civil society organisations has come together to create a movement for equal representation at every level of politics and public life.  

We particularly want to centre Black, Asian and ethnic minority women, disabled women, working class women, younger women & those with caring responsibilities, all of whom are under-represented in national and local politics.

Over the three years we're running an inspiring programme of training for women on how to successfully stand as an MP or local councillor, which includes peer support circles and mentoring opportunities as well as training on community activism and leadership. 

Equal Power will also strengthen existing networks for women already in politics. We’ll be inviting women to campaign with us and help to tear down the barriers that keep women out of politics and public life. 

This work is funded by Comic Relief and we will track the journeys of aspiring leaders to office and the barriers and discrimination they still face. Find out about our partners here. 


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Our Values

The objective of this project is to support all women, who are currently under-represented in positions of power across society, to stand for election and become leaders in their communities. A particular focus is on including and advancing women of colour, women of faith, women with disabilities, working class women, younger women and those with caring responsibilities, who are all further underrepresented.

Sexism intersects with other forms of discriminations such as racism, and these groups of women face additional barriers to public life which we are campaigning to tear down. By the nature of this intersectionality, women have different experiences and understandings of patriarchy, feminism and of what urgently needs to change. We ask that all participants be sensitive of this and to commit to our values of equality, respect, inclusivity and compassion. Our mission of equal representation for women across all levels of politics brings us together and is our common ground. We welcome all women to participate in Equal Power.

Hate speech will not be tolerated and our workshop facilitators have the right to ask participants to leave if they feel they are not respecting the values of the Equal Power campaign.

Hate speech is commonly defined as:

“Expressions of hatred toward someone on account of that person's colour, race, disability, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, religion, or LGBT+ status, or other equality strands.”

 If we become aware of a participant committing hate speech outside of the workshops for example, on social media or while giving a public speech we reserve the right to stop them from taking part in Equal Power programme.

We also ask that participants never claim to represent or be speaking as the Equal Power campaign.