The Fawcett Society are inviting Women of Colour (WoC) to take part in focus groups in July, as part of our wider project exploring the pay and progression of Women of Colour.  

We value your time and willingness to talk about your experiences. This is why we are offering £30 to all participants who take part in our focus groups. 

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WoC are near invisible in management and senior leadership positions, and we believe this needs to change. By taking part in the study, you will have the opportunity to have your voice heard and shape Fawcett’s policy recommendations and campaigning initiatives.  

  • The aim of the focus groups is to understand the experiences of WoC and the barriers they face at different points in their career trajectory.  
  • Importantly, we also want to hear what action they think needs to happen from employers and the government to tackle these barriers. 

We are looking to talk to WoC who are at different stages of their career. You may be attempting to enter the workplace or be in the very early stages of your career. Or, you may be trying to progress into a management/senior role or have successfully entered a senior leadership position. What ever stage you are at, we would value hearing from you.

If you would like to participate in this research, please complete this short survey to register your interest >

You can view our privacy policy here, which explains how we will use your data. 

Please note, we are only able to speak with a small number of women and will be selecting across a range of characteristics to ensure we speak with a variety of women. If we do not contact you to attend a focus group, we appreciate your interest and support for the project.