On February 6th 1918, Millicent Fawcett, the Pankhursts and other suffrage campaigners won a hard-fought victory. They secured the first votes for some women, a moment that paved the way for universal suffrage ten years later. Their triumph in the face of many challenges inspires us to know that we can succeed too. Anything is possible.

100 years on, women everywhere have been calling #TimesUp on discrimination and are taking their fight forward. We are going to make 2018 a year of victories for girls and women everywhereIt's #OurTimeNow.

Help us campaign to strengthen sexual harassment laws. Donate now

Enough is enough. We've stood up in our thousands to say #TimesUp on sexism and misogyny. Our legal system is failing us, but our collective call for change is getting louder. We're getting harder to ignore.

Currently employees are not protected from sexual harassment at work if they are harassed by a customer, client or contractor. Organisations like the Presidents Club can turn a blind eye to blatant sexual abuse without facing any consequences. We need to act now, together, if we are to protect women from further abuse.

We urgently need to raise £5,000  to fund our campaign to strengthen the law on sexual harassment legislation, so all women have better access to justice. Will you stand with us to say it's #OurTimeNow by donating today?

Other ways to get involved with #OurTimeNow

Stand in solidarity with women around the world

This International Women's Day, we stood in solidarity with suffrage movements around the world. From Iran to Papua New Guinea to Sudan, women have fought bravely for their rights - often in the face of racial injustice, political turmoil and deeply entrenched sexist norms. Learn more about the incredible fight for women's rights around the world by reading the blogs below.

Take action now

On February 6th, the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, we will launch #OurTimeNow, a campaign which will break down the barriers to gender equality throughout 2018 and beyond. To kick it off we want everyone to tweet or post a picture of their watch or a clock face on February 6th and use the hashtag #OurTimeNow to pledge to fight for our rights as Millicent once did. What is the one change you want to see in 2018?

Campaigners including Helen Pankhurst, Jess Phillips, Maria Miller, Nimco Ali and many more are already supporting #OurTimeNow as Centenary Champions. Will you join our movement and help to make 2018 as symbolically momentous as 1918 was? 

We must raise our voices to honour and continue the fight of suffrage campaigners of the past. Hundreds have already taken part - make your voice heard now! You can use the suggested text below:

We must raise our voices to honour the fight of suffrage campaigners 100 years ago. I stand with @fawcettsociety to say it's #OurTimeNow