19 June 2024

Discover Fawcett's journey towards a significant victory: the recognition of misogyny as a hate crime in the UK. This milestone represents a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to combat gender-based violence and advance women's rights.

From pioneering policies by Nottinghamshire Police in 2016 to advocating for legislative change following the tragic murder of Sarah Everard in 2021, Fawcett has led the charge. Despite challenges, including setbacks in parliamentary votes, our advocacy persevered.

This week, four major political parties committed to making misogyny a hate crime during a crucial BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour debate, marking a collective step forward in ensuring women's safety and dignity.

You can take a look at the full timeline below and if you'd like to join the collective of members that helped secure these significant promises, become a member of Fawcett today.