24 JUNE 2016

Following the result of the EU Referendum, in which the public voted to leave the EU, Sam Smethers, CEO of Fawcett, said:

“Last week we issued a Gender Equality Challenge to both sides of the EU Referendum campaign. Now that we know the outcome we re-state that challenge. We ask the Government and those who will lead the negotiations to commit to maintaining existing progress on gender equality, particularly employment protections for women in work and co-operation across the EU to end violence against women and girls and set out their positive vision for what the future for women and gender equality will look like.”

“The Fawcett Society will work with them and with all political parties and others to defend women’s rights and to make this vision a reality.”

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Fawcett, with the support of many other women’s organisations, has launched a campaign to come together to present a positive vision for women in the UK, challenging the Government to make the UK the best place in the world to be a woman. The campaign is fighting for women’s rights to be protected post-Brexit. The Face Her Future coalition is demanding that current rights are not weakened either directly or indirectly as a result of the Brexit negotiations.

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Face Her Future