For hundreds of years, women have worked to achieve basic rights at home, at work and in public life; rights that could be eroded when Britain leaves the European Union. We launched Face Her Future with over 20 women's organisations as a collective call to action to defend our rights, and chart a course for a more equal, progressive future.

Do you believe in defending our rights post-Brexit?

During the UK’s departure from the EU, we want to:

  • Guarantee women’s rights and promote a positive agenda for progress.
  • See women represented throughout the process and at every level.
  • Unite our communities and tackle racism, misogyny and all hate crime.
  • Ensure women are not hit hardest if there is an economic downturn.

We are campaigning with other women's rights organisations to call on all political parties and those involved in EU negotiations to ensure women are equally and fairly represented at the decision making table.

Donate to defend women's rights post-Brexit

We are heading into the most significant fight to defend women’s rights during and beyond the Brexit process. Our Sex Discrimination Law Review is made up of an incredible panel of experts who are working to evaluate our current equality laws and how we can improve them. Stand with us today by donating to our Law Review.

Alternatively, text FACE20 £10 (or however much you’d like to give) to 70070 to donate.

Your donation will be spent on funding experts' time to review our laws, engaging other organisations to create a network of expertise and national support, and working with government officials to guarantee Britain's future as a progressive and equal society.

Read our post-Brexit Britain blog

How will Brexit affect our rights, and what should we do to defend them? Our partner organisations offer their insights in these blogs:

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Show your solidarity with #FaceHerFuture by sharing a photo of yourself and someone whose rights you want to protect and advance as we enter uncertain times. This is who you are fighting for.

  • Post a picture of yourself with people who are important to you
  • Tweet your picture using #FaceHerFuture. Don't forget to tag us at @fawcettsociety and tag anyone in the picture, asking them to pass it on and do the same
  • Tell us what rights you want them to be able to enjoy going into the future

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