Joystick It To The Man

Here at The Fawcett Society, we love gamers. We know just how diverse and vibrant the gaming community is – many of whom make a valuable contribution in the fight against sexism and misogyny in the UK.

We want to celebrate our gaming supporters, and invite you all to use your passion to help us fight for women’s rights and gender equality. So here's introducing ‘Joystick It To The Man’; The Fawcett Society’s very own gaming and fundraising initiative, where we invite you to host your very own fundraising gaming marathon!

Our downloadable guide gives you tips and advice on how to host your own gaming marathon, as well as ideas on maximising your fundraising. Not only will you be fighting the bad guys virtually, you’ll be fighting them in real life as well!

Download your free guide here.

So, controllers at the ready, and Joystick It To The Man!

For more information email [email protected]