Download our Superhero Activity Sheet here!

This summer, entertain your little ones with our Superhero Summer Challenge. Get them to complete the activities to help us level up on girl power, and to receive stickers, a certificate and some Fawcett goodies!

It's easy to get started. Firstly download and print this activity sheet. Simply get your little superhero to complete the activities listed, sponsoring them £1 for each. Be sure to tick them off as you go, and email us at [email protected] with photos and updates!

Once you've completed all the activities (or come to the end of the holidays), email it to us at [email protected].

Be sure to include your superhero's name and your own address so we can send back a certificate, stickers and other goodies. Good luck!

Getting your donation to us

Donating your superhero's hard-earned cash couldn't be easier.

Simply click here to go through to our donation page and choose your donation amount to continue.