Equal Pay Day 2023 is November 22nd

Today, the Fawcett Society announces that November 22nd is the date of Equal Pay Day 2023, the day in the year when, based on the gender pay gap, women overall in the UK stop being paid compared to men. Read more

Update: Fawcett response to progress on the Worker Protection Bill

We are pleased to see that the Worker Protection Bill is resuming safe passage through parliament, albeit disappointed to see government walking back commitment to third party protections. Read more

Wates Group joins Fawcett's Equal Play campaign

We are so pleased to once again partner with Wates Group on our campaign to support challenging stereotypes in the early years. Read more

Fawcett welcomes progress of bill on workplace sexual harassment

We are thrilled to see the Worker Protection Bill move through its second reading in the House of Lords. Read more

An open letter to the Metropolitan Police

An open letter from Fawcett and our sector partners to Commissioner Mark Rowley of the Metropolitan Police. Read more