Fawcett comments on new ASA ruling banning harmful gender stereotypes in adverts

14 JUNE 19: Fawcett comments on new ASA ruling banning harmful gender stereotypes in adverts Read more

Jess Phillips MP, Electoral Commission and Fawcett call for urgent reform to electoral laws

28 MAY 2019: Jess Phillips’ recent experiences have highlighted how it is time for governments and political parties to commit to the urgent need for comprehensive change to electoral laws. Read more

Continuing pay discrimination at BBC is 'extremely depressing'

23 MAY 2019: The BBC is under investigation for pay discrimination then compounds the problem by repeating it. Read more

Fawcett open letter calls on Government to impose a lifetime ban on candidates who promote violence

22 MAY 2019: Following a petition with 90,000 signatures and rising, the organisation has published an open letter with signatories to the Prime Minister which urges her to act to end the abuse of women in politics and public life. Read more

New bill to ban employers from making pregnant women redundant

20 MAY 2019: The Pregnancy and Maternity (Protection from Redundancy) Bill is backed by women’s organisations Maternity Action and the Fawcett Society, and is similar to the legal model used in Germany. Read more

Lack of women candidates in local elections ‘puts councils behind the times’

2 MAY 2019: If the pace of change over the last two elections is maintained, it will take over 32 years and eight election cycles for women to achieve equality in local councils, according to new research by Fawcett and Democracy Club. Read more

Fawcett launches Commission as research reveals widespread concern about gender stereotypes in product marketing

30 APRIL 2019: The new findings come as Fawcett launches an expert Commission on Gender Stereotypes in Early Childhood, headed up by Director of the UCL Institute of Education, Professor Becky Francis and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fatherhood, Rt Hon David Lammy MP. Read more

Fawcett comments on Gender Pay Gap Reporting one year on: 'It's time for action plans not excuses'

4 APRIL 2019: It is disappointing, but not surprising, that there are so many employers in the UK with large pay gaps and that these pay gaps aren't being closed. The regulations are not tough enough.  It's time for action plans not excuses. Read more

Fawcett comments on gender pay gap reporting figures so far

28 MARCH 19: Most employers are leaving it until the last minute to report and it is disappointing that a significant proportion of those who have reported have got larger pay gaps. Read more

Fawcett comments on EHRC investigation into BBC pay discrimination

12 MARCH 19: Pay discrimination should have no place in modern workplaces yet we know from our Equal Pay Advice Service that it is all too common. Read more

Fawcett research shows exposure to gender stereotypes as a child causes harm in later life

7 MARCH 2019: New polling today shows ‘significant and wide-ranging consequences for both women and men’. Read more

New Fawcett report reveals how glaring gaps in equality legislation leave Parliament “above the law” on sexual harassment

26 FEBRUARY 2019: Fawcett research, released with global law firm Hogan Lovells today, reveals MPs, Peers, volunteers and staff are woefully unprotected if they are sexually harassed in Parliament. Read more

More Action Needed on Women's Rights, says EHRC report

25 FEBRUARY 2019: New wide-ranging report focuses on the development in education, detention and asylum, access to civil justice, the workplace and health care since July last year Read more

Misogyny Hate Crime Meeting Statement

22 FEBRUARY 2019: Yesterday representatives from the Fawcett Society, Citizens UK and Women’s Aid, together with women who have lived experience of misogyny and violence, met with two of the most senior Police Officers in the country to discuss the issue of misogyny as a hate crime. Read more

Fawcett comments on new gender pay gap reporting analysis

20 FEBRUARY 2019: The reality is this is a marathon not a sprint. It will take a 5 year strategy with a focussed action plan to produce results, combined with a tougher reporting regime. Read more

Fawcett comments on ASDA equal pay case

31 JANUARY 2019: Women are consistently undervalued in the workplace. Unless there is an objective justification for the difference in pay then it is pay discrimination. Read more

Fawcett comments on voting by proxy scheme for MPs on maternity or paternity leave

22 JANUARY: This change is long overdue and a basic requirement of a modern parliamentary democracy. Read more

New Fawcett data reveals gender is most common cause of hate crime for women

14 JANUARY 2018: This data should be a wake-up call to all of us, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Read more

Fawcett comments on Government response to sexual harassment report

18 DECEMBER 2018: In light of the Government response to the sexual harrassment report, Fawcett argue that more can be done Read more

Fawcett comments on EHRC review on the impact of gender pay gap reporting

17 DECEMBER 2018: Fawcett has consistently argued that publishing an action plan should be a statutory requirement. Read more

Fawcett comments on new code to ban gender stereotyping in advertising

14 DECEMBER 2018: The Advertising Standards Agency has today announced that it will enforce a new code around gender stereotyping in adverts from June 2019 - a measure that Fawcett welcomes. Read more

Fawcett comments on women's representation 100 years since first women voted and stood for election

14 DECEMBER 2018: Despite all the great celebrations and activity this year, to date it adds up to a missed opportunity to effect lasting change. Read more

Leading Women in Politics Recruited to the Fawcett Board

19 NOVEMBER 2018: The Fawcett Society is delighted to announce a number of new Trustees including Baroness Anne Jenkin and Ayesha Hazarika who are joining our board. Read more

Major Victory in Equal Pay Case Against the Co-op

16 NOVEMBER 2018: A former senior Co-op Group Executive has fought and won an equal pay battle with the Co-op Group Read more