Close the gender pay gap

Did you know it will take 100 years to close the gender pay gap at current rates? We cannot afford to keep going backwards. Read more

Defend women’s rights post-Brexit

How might Brexit erode hard-earned rights, and what are we doing to defend them? Get informed here. Read more

Secure equal power

We campaign to secure equal power at all levels of government and business. Help us make change happen. Read more

Challenge attitudes and change minds

How do gender sterotypes and norms affect young people, and how are we tackling sexism today? Find out here. Read more

Value care work

What is the value of the unpaid care work you do every year? For all women in the UK, it is estimated to amount to a staggering £77 billion. Read more

Make equality law fit for the 21st century

We want Britain to be a fairer place generations down the line, and are building a progressive agenda to address key gaps in current equality law. Read more

Ensure women are not hardest hit by economic downturn

Women face a ‘triple jeopardy’ of cuts to jobs, benefits and vital services. Find out what we're calling for to curb rising levels of poverty among women and children. Read more