2 JULY 2018

2nd July 2018 is the anniversary of the Equal Franchise Act 1928, which granted equal voting rights to women and men. This briefing gives biographies for six working class campaigners, all of whom feature on the plinth of Millicent Fawcett's new statue in Parliament Square. The biographies are all accompanied by photographs, except for Jessie Craigen, as there are no known photographs of her in existence.

The campaigners include:

  • Mrs [Lucy] Minnie Baldock (1864-1954)
  • Mrs Ada Neild Chew (1870-1945)
  • Jessie Craigen c.1835-1899
  • Mrs Flora Drummond (1878-1949)
  • Sarah Reddish (1850-1928)
  • Mrs Julia Scurr (1871-1927)

Download the briefing here

These biographies were written by Elizabeth Crawford, an independent researcher and author on the women’s suffrage movement. Find out more about her at https://womanandhersphere.com/