Today is Equal Pay Day. 

Fifty years on from the Equal Pay Act 1970, women are still fighting to make equal pay a reality. Far from this battle being won, this report shows that women are routinely unaware of what their colleagues earn, and therefore unable to secure equal pay. From supermarkets and councils to broadcasters and catering companies, men are still being paid more for the same work, work rated as equivalent, or work of equal value.

In this report you will find:

  • Fawcett's case for why we need the 'Right To Know'
  • A summary of why pay discrimination persists and its consequences
  • New survey research to add to our understanding of the prevalence of pay discrimination
  • An analysis of the current state of pay discrimination
  • Women's experiences of pay discrimination, including case studies
  • What the Right To Know would look like, and Fawcett's recommendations for other reforms to the law

Download the report here

Pay discrimination damages women's lives. The Fawcett Society have launched a petition with former head chef Kay Collins, who experienced unequal pay at one of the largest catering companies in the world. Support our call for the Right To Know, so women can access their basic rights at work. Sign and share the petition here.