12 APRIL 2013

In this report you will find: 

  • Key evidence on the current and projected status of women in the labour market  
  •  Details on a range of focussed, realistic and often cost-neutral solutions to ensure that the changes taking place do not undermine women’s ability to enter and prosper in the labour market and that government progresses its stated ambition of ensuring that the talents and skills of women are fully utilised in the drive for economic growth 
  • Recommendations that seek to protect and improve the levels of pay – particularly low pay – that women receive, improve the general accessibility of the labour market for women, increase the extent to which women are able to benefit from any new employment opportunities in private sector, tackle the particular and heightened barriers that single mothers face to entering into well paid work and strengthen action on the gender pay gap 

Link to the report: The Changing Labour Market: Delivering for Women, Delivering for Growth