From engaging your team in women’s equality to sponsoring groundbreaking research, your company can partner with Fawcett to build a better society for women and girls.

Engaging your employees

Encourage your team to support gender equality by:

  • Fundraising for Fawcett
  • Hosting Fawcett staff and experts to speak at events
  • Selecting Fawcett as your beneficiary for your annual black tie or awards dinners
  • Sponsoring annual Fawcett memberships for your employees

Interactive workshops and training on gender equality in the workplace

Our Be Part of the Change programme works with women and men to understand the impact of gender on their experiences in the workplace, reflect on their ability to shape and drive change, and to become more powerful and effective advocates for gender equality at work. Our training programmes don’t lecture or criticise; and they don’t prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution. We facilitate honest dialogue across teams, explore barriers to change, and help you find the solutions and practice that work for your business.

Cause-related marketing and Product Collaboration

Dedicate a percentage of sales for a specific product, or line of products, to Fawcett. You will makes a statement about your business while raising awareness and funds for Fawcett. Working together, we will thrill feminists looking to make a statement with their conscientious spending choices. 


By working with Fawcett you can achieve high-impact results for your employee’s well-being and workplace culture with analysis of your current gender equality performance. Fawcett can work with companies to:

  • Review and improve policies
  • Develop practical guidance for staff
  • Create action plans to improve gender pay gaps

Research sponsorship

Companies can sponsor Fawcett’s ongoing research in areas of power, money, rights and gender stereotypes. Where it fits with Fawcett’s strategy and values, we invite opportunities for co-creation of research projects.