17 OCTOBER 2016

In 2015 Milton Keynes members of the Fawcett Society undertook an observational study of MK Council Meetings in order to explore whether there were gender differences and/or inequalities in the way Council business was seen to be carried out in public forums.

The report analyses the data collected and concludes that it shows significant gender differences in the participation of male and female councillors in Milton Keynes Council meetings. They therefore recommend that: there should be more engagement by all political groups in Milton Keynes to encourage more women to enter local politics as councillors, all political groups need to offer support for women councillors once they are elected to ensure they are able to engage fully with all aspects of Council work and finally that there is a need for changes in meeting behaviour so that there is a better representation of all voices present.

A copy of the report can be found here: Exploring Women's Participation in Local Politics


Fawcett has been conducting research into the issues faced by women in local goverment.  More information and reports from the Women in Local Goverment Commission can be found below.

Women in Local Government