Young Women's Trust, a charity supporting women aged 16-30 on low or no pay, has published it's findings from their 2018 annual survey. The report 'It's still a rich man's world: inequality 100 years after votes for women' demonstrates that although many young people are facing considerable challenges young women continue to lose out in the work place.
Fawcett Society Chief Executive Sam Smethers says: 
“Harassment, discrimination, anxiety and debt are facts of life for far too many young women today.  Their lives should be better than their mothers’ but this survey suggests otherwise. We need to end the misogyny and harassment they experience and give them fair pay at work by ending pay and maternity discrimination.
“This survey also shows that young women will not tolerate this level of inequality. The fact that half of them identify as feminists is a sign that they will shape their own futures.”