11 May 2021

While we welcomed some steps forward in todays’ Queen’s Speech, we are also concerned about some worrying gaps.

The lack of mention of the Employment Bill is concerning for our work towards #EqualPay. It’s vital we secure the #RightToKnow to prevent pay discrimination by stopping pay secrecy.

We are pleased to hear the prioritisation of early years but we need a high-quality, affordable childcare system first accessible to all parents- the current system is not fit for purpose.

We are pleased the Government is honouring their commitment to protect vulnerable groups online in the Online Safety Bill. The upcoming Online Safety Bill must address online abuse against women and those with multiple protected characteristics. As part of this, gender-based abuse must be included as a priority harm.

Despite the pressure on care homes and carers, made particularly clear during the pandemic, the lack of prioritisation of the care sector is concerning. We urgently push for greater funding and reform.

A requirement for voter identification is particularly frightening. This is a form of voter suppression which has a disproportionate effect on those already marginalised including disabled women, low-income women and women from ethnic minority backgrounds. We are firmly against any suppression of voters and are founded on the enfranchisement of all.