Responding to some comments on social media today, Fawcett Society CEO Sam Smethers said:

“This was a personal comment made by an individual member of the Fawcett Devon group who was not acting on behalf of the Fawcett Society. The Fawcett Society is the home of feminism and feminists. We welcome all those who identify as feminist and who wish to campaign for gender equality. Our membership includes those who hold very different views and have diverse lived experiences and identities. We urge everyone to respect each other’s dignity and human rights when expressing their views and expect this of our members.

“At Fawcett we aim to bring about a society in which the gender you are does not limit the life chances you have. Our focus is on the lived experience of women. We want to make women’s lives better and will continue to campaign for a more equal society free from gender discrimination. At Fawcett we also see ourselves as part of the wider community of feminist, equality and human rights organisations.  We therefore recognise the lived experiences of trans people, see feminism as inclusive, and will work towards equality for women in a way in which is consistent with this.”