10 DECEMBER 2015

Fawcett have submitted a response to the GCSE and A Level Consultation following the announcement that feminism is potentially to be removed from the A level politics syllabus –  effectively cutting women out of it. Plans for the new content remove the option to study feminist thinkers and ideas. Instead feminism has been relegated to one of a number of ‘pressure groups’ with content focussing solely on the disagreements between suffragettes and suffragists. The syllabus cover 16 key political thinkers – but only one of these is a woman.

Fawcett is calling for the government to think again and make sure women are given the place they deserve in the study of politics. Our consultation response recommends the following:

  • Feminism be included as one of the ‘political ideas’ which students will be expect to understand, discuss, and critique
  • That more women are included amongst the ‘key thinkers’ of liberalism, conservatism, and socialism that students will study
  • That feminism be given a more prominent role than just as a ‘pressure group’ with consideration of the key concepts, debates and thinkers rather than a narrow focus on the disputes between the suffragists and suffragettes

You can read our full consultation response here.

The Department for Education is consulting on the proposals until 15th December –  let them know what you think too