18 OCTOBER 2018

The Government is consulting on changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004, which allows trans people to legally change the sex recorded on their birth certificates to align with their gender identity. The Fawcett Society has developed a Q&A document which will inform our response.

Chief Executive Sam Smethers said:

"Fawcett is trans-inclusive and in principle supports Gender Recognition Act (GRA) reform. But we also welcome the fact that Equality Act exemptions for single sex services will remain in place and in our Q&A and GRA consultation response we raise a number of issues which remain, particularly those regarding women's safety which we argue the consultation must address. It is important that these discussions can take place from a position of acceptance and support on both sides without them being closed down.

"This is a complex issue. Our Q&A responds to questions we have been asked and informs the response that we have submitted to the GRA consultation. In developing our position we have adopted a measured, evidence-based approach, informed by discussions with stakeholders from a wide range of perspectives over a number of months and recognise the differences of view represented within the organisation and amongst our members."

View the Q&A document here.