16 February 2021

Fawcett Society launches joint statement demanding reinstatement of gender pay gap reporting.

A statement signed by leading equalities charities, campaigners and business groups is calling for the reinstatement of enforcement on large employers to report their gender pay gap.

The joint statement can be seen here. 

Responding to the suspension of gender pay gap reporting enforcement, the joint statement calls on the government to reinstate enforcement and require all larger employees to provide their gender pay gap data to ensure the pandemic does not turn back the clock on women and work.

The Fawcett Society will be encouraging supporters to write to their MP and ask them to support reinstating mandatory gender pay gap reporting among large employers. You can write to your MP by clicking here. 

Supporters are also encouraged to sign a petition calling on the Government to reinstate gender pay gap reporting.

Felicia Willow, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society, said:
“In 2020, the enforcement of gender pay gap reporting for large employers was suspended due to a concern of the impact of reporting on employers. What we've seen since then is the pandemic policy response disproportionately impacting women, particularly at work. We know more women have been furloughed, have lost their jobs, have had their hours cut, and have had greater disruption due to home schooling than men. And, we know that the impact on Disabled women, Black women, and other minority groups has been even worse.

“Gender pay gap reporting is one way that employers can identify issues that need action. A year ago, we didn't know what we faced. Now, we know that we face significantly worsening inequality that may take decades to redress. There is no reasonable argument supporting the claim that gender pay gap reporting should remain unenforced in 2021.

“Our statement brings together major organisations from across the equalities sector as well as representing employers to call for the UK government to urgently reinstate enforcement for gender pay gap reporting in 2021.”

The joint statement has been signed by:
Felicia Willow, CEO, The Fawcett Society
Ali Harris, Chief Executive, Equally Yours
Anna Ritchie Allan, Executive Director, Close the Gap
Ann Francke OBE CMgr CCMI FIC, Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Management Institute
Centenary Action Group
Cerys Furlong, Chief Executive, Chwaere Teg
Dame Moya Greene DBE
Frances O’Grady, TUC
Jackie Stevenson, President, Women in Advertising and Communication Leadership
Jane van Zyl, Chief Executive, Working Families
Wanda Wyporska Exec Director, Equalities Trust


Notes to editors:

A note on gender pay gap reporting:
It is a legal requirement of organisations with over 250 employers report their gender pay gaps. The gender pay gap is the difference between the average (mean or median) earnings of men and women across a workforce. In 2020 the enforcement of gender pay gap reporting was suspended for employers due to the coronavirus pandemic. The requirement to publish their gender pay gap ensures there is transparency on the gender pay gap within businesses and encourages employers to consider and take action on their gender pay gap.