11 JULY 2017

The government published a review of employment practices today, stating that all work in the UK's economy should be "fair and decent".

The report's author, Matthew Taylor, said "fairness demands" that people, particularly those on lower incomes, had routes to progress in work. The report also says low-paid workers should not be "stuck" at the minimum living wage or face insecurity.

Fawcett Society Chief Executive Sam Smethers says:

"Given that the majority of low paid workers are women, often in insecure employment the test of the Taylor Review is will it deliver for them?"

"Improving access to maternity, parental leave and sickness benefits for those currently not covered is welcome but without enforcement it won't deliver.

"Tightening regulations isn't red tape. Rather it is fair to responsible employers who play by the rules."

The report's recommendations include ensuring firms which control and supervise their workers should pay a range of benefits, including National Insurance.

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