18 DECEMBER 2018

The Government is to introduce a new statutory code of practice to tackle sexual harassment at work, following a report from the women and equalities committee that called for new laws to protect workers. But Fawcett says more can be done if we are to tackle the issue of sexual harassment work place effectively.

The Government response can be read here.

Fawcett Society Chief Executive Sam Smethers says:

“The steps government is taking are welcome but they fall short. Failing to introduce a new duty on employers to prevent harassment is a missed opportunity and leaves women dealing with the problem alone. A new statutory duty is very much needed.  We need to get on with it.”

“This is undoubtedly a widespread problem which requires a rebalancing of responsibility and power between individual and their employer.  Bringing back section 40 of the Equality Act would be a clear and easy way of dealing with third party harassment. But again government fails to act.”

Maria Miller MP, the head of the women and equalities committee, as well as Alexia Pepper, spokesperson for the Women's Equality Party also criticized the response for not going far enough. 

Read the Fawcett Society's Sex Discrimination Law Review which contains recommendations for specific changes to the legal system, including strengthening the laws on sexual harassment and discrimination at work, and preventing violence against women and girls.

Sex Discrimination Law Review Final Report

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