17 January 2020 

The Government Equalities Office is today calling for sexual harassment victims to share their experiences as part of a new survey. 

The survey - which will go out to 12,200 members of the public - will ask people about their experiences of sexual harassment inside and outside the workplace; where they experience harassment; and what forms of harassment they have experienced. 

The survey is part of a package of commitments to tackle sexual harassment at work, including a new statutory Code of Practice for employers to help them better understand their legal responsibilities. The Government recently consulted on new plans to tackle harassment at work - including giving explicit legal protections to workers, such as waiters and shop assistants, against harassment from customers. 

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has this week published a draft version of the Code of Practice, advising employers on how to prevent sexual harassment in their workplaces.

Sam Smethers, The Fawcett Society's Chief Executive said:  

"We welcome this Government survey but it must lead to swift action to both strengthen the law and put more support and guidance in place for employers. Women have a right to dignity at work. Employers have to take responsibility for their own workplace cultures.

"We have had over two years of #MeToo stories and a number of organisations, including my own, have published evidence. We know what is needed so let's get on and do it."